Gorenjci vocal quintet from Naklo

Vocal quintet Gorenjci, Mirko Poličar, Janez Šter, Janko Poličar, Tine Zelnik in Stane Novak, archive Mirka Poličarja

The vocal quintet gorenjci started in1964 and somehow replaced the quartet Fantje na vasi which stopped working. Many of the members came form the rich singing tradition from Naklo. They dedicated themselves to the slovenian national songs. In the first lineup were the Janko brothers (1932-1984) baritones and Mirko Poličar (1934) first tenor, Valentin (Tine) Zelnik (1930-2005) the second bass, Janez Šter (1931-2008) the second tenor from Trboje and Stane Novak (1933) the second base from Prebačevo.
In february 1964 they had their first performance on radio Ljubljana. They recorded national and other songs for the archive twice every year. They regularly performed on tv shows such as Srečanje v hotelu Slon, Sestanek v nebotičniku, TV kavarna, Koncert iz naših krajev, new year shows, they performed with the radio orchestra and Miha Dovžan's trio. They sang to slovenian immigrants over Yugoslavia and Germany.
Although the times were hard fort the sacriligious song they regularly studied and sang it.

The quintet won three times in a row in the radio show Amaterski zbori pred mikrofonom (1976-1978). In 1984 they sang to pope John Paul II. and simultanely recorded songs for radio Vatican which were released later on on cassette. In the same year the main voice of the quintet died in an accident, the great baritonist, Janko Poličar. He was replaced by Franci Šarabon from Tržič. In 1985 Tine Zelnik lost his vocal chords due to sickness and was replaced by Miran Križaj from Strahinj. In the following year a sickness prevented Stane Novak from performing. He was replaced by Franci Grandovec form Tržič. The quintet kept ono working under the leadership of Tine Zelnik, but could never reach the quality that they had before. They issued over 40 cassettes and records, most in the time of the firs lineup when the quintet was among the leading slovene choirs. Their final performance was in 2004.
In the beginning of the sixties the vocal quintet started collaborating with Miha Dovžan's vocal trio and that created the the Ansamble of Miha Dovžan and Gorenjci from Naklo. The ansamble became popular very quick. Before the recording of their second record theye were joined by Ivanka Krašec which proved to be really great. Hits came out one by one Ujemi me, Srne, Moravška dolina, Šopek jasmina, Moj vojak, Lokvanj, Dobra volja, Nakelska polka, Lepa mlinarica and others. The ansamble travelled all over Europe, Canada and USA. After the leaving of Ivanka Krašec the ansamble collaborated with singer Jelka Cvetežar, Meta Malus and Marta Stare. Although they had great music, the ansamble never made it to their previous recognition. In 1969 they sang fort he president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito. The last time the ansamble made a performace was in 1988.

Ensemble Mihe Dovžana with vocal quintet Gorenjci singed and played to the president of Yugoslavija Josip Broz Titu in Radencih in the year 1968. Archive Mirka Poličarja.