Dr. Jernej Legat

Dr. Jernej (Batolomeo) Legat was born on 16th august 1807 in Naklo. He studied theology and became a priest. He received his priest title from his uncle, the archbishop of Gorica Jožef Balant (Walland) in Gorica in 1830. In the next year he left for Vienna where he got his doctorate in theology in 1833. Following the death of his uncle in 1834, he decided to take his job in the Trieste-Koper diocese. 
Among his more important jobs are the job of the priest of the St. Mary's parish in Trieste, as the priest in Venice in 1846, when emperor Ferdinand of Austria named him a bishop and the job of the Koper-Trieste bishop.
In his time as a bishop he founded 11 parishes and 4 local parishes. 12 churches were built or renovated during his years of work, he also opened a monastery for the 4th year theologists  in 1849. In 1859 he blessed the monastery and the capucin church and their new poorhouse in 1859. He strived to educate priests and demanded that they announce the word of God in slovenian language. In 1869 and 1870 he took part in his first Vatican counil. He was well-disposed to people of different nationalities (Slovenes, Croats, Italians and Germans). He was the father to the poor, which usually led him to financial problems, since he gave his money to them.  He wa hit by a brain stroke on february 8th 1875 and died on 12th in the same month. He was embalmed and buried in the capucin tomb on Montuca (Muntozza) in Trieste where a bust and a memorial to him was placed.