The memorial to dr. Gregor Voglar

At the 350 year anniversary of his birth a monument was built for the most important resident of Naklo dr. Gregor Voglar (dr. Gregorius Carbonarius von Wiesenegg, 1651-1717). It is located in the center of Naklo. With this deed the residents of Naklo remembered their compatriot who remembered his birth village in his testament and left them enough money to renovate the plumbing and the building of the trough in the village center. The monument was made by the academicaly educated sculptor Stane Kolman from Begunje. The trough was built by a Marmor Hotavlje.

Beside the memorial stands the chapel of the mother of God, built in 1765. It was built as a thanks to dr. Voglar and Jožef Kos (1722-1752)