The museum of millstones on Polica

The millstone museum is located in the village of Polica, which is 2 km away from Naklo. It is only one of it's kind in Slovenia and probably in Europe as well. It has been opened in 2003 and was finished by the Pavlin-Jagodic family from the Poličar farmhouse with the help of the Naklo tourist society. The Puhar millstone chiseling lineage had been chiselling millstones on the south of Udinboršt for more than than 350 years. In addition to making millstones they also made konfins(roadside mileposts) and šoder from useless boulders to pour on the roads. In 1920 four people from the Puhar family have been making millstones. They have been sold all over Slovenia and Croatia. The last stonemason Franc Puhar has made his final millstone in 1975 in his late seventies.
Today no more hammer strikes can be heard, the only things left are the broken away stones, a conglomerat rock and a one of a kind museum in Europe which is truly worth visiting.
Opening times: negotiable. A preceding announcement at the Poličar farmhouse, Polica 1 is neccesary. Or you can call them: 04 257 12 92