Tomo Križnar

Worldwide traveller, peacemaker, an indepented publicist and a philantrophic activist. Tomo Križnar from Naklo, was born on 26 August 1954. His experiences are written in books, recorded on camera and are the main theme of his presentations. He is pushing to help the native cultures in Australia, America, Oceania and central Africa. He is a relentless fighter for the human rights of the Nuba people from the south of Sudan. He writes books about his travels around all of the world's continents. The most recent are: Nuba, čisti ljudje 1999, Nafta in voda, 2010. In the modern times the books have been joined by documentaries of the hidden genocide over the Nubas in Sudan: Nuba, čisti ljudje, 2000, Nuba, ljudje z druge strani, 2001, and the movie Dar Fur, vojna za vodo, which depicts one of the greatest cathastrophes in the world, the fight between big nations over oil resources on an area very rich with water. The movie was made in 2006 on a mission, when Križnar was sent to the rebels of Darfur by the ex slovenian president dr. Janez Drnovšek. It was made with the cooperation of director Maja Weiss, RTV Slovenija,  the documentary programme and the film fund of Slovenia in 2008. His movies have been the cause of many charities and rescues of native cultures n endagered countries.