Naklo is located in the middle of two very forested areas. Those are Udin boršt and Dobrava. Udin boršt offers a variety of paths and routes to all the hikers. At the Kriva jelka east of Zgornje Duplje a bench is located were you can rest and sign in to a book of people who have been there. If you go to the forest at the right time you will be able to pick fruits.  In Želin, east of Strahinj the hunters have a duck hatching place. If you are careful you can also get close to them. You can sit and talk to other people in a nice ambient around hommade mills east of Cegelnica. Horseback riders will also get a rest from the everyday work in Udin boršt. You can clear your head and enjoy the fresh air on your horse.  Cyclists will also be able to take the same paths.

A similar but a lot smaller plain is Dobrava, it lies on the southwest side of Naklo. You will reach the rivers Sava, Tržiška bistrica and a hunter hut while walking along the paths. There are a few less cycling routes than in Udin boršt, but enough for horseback riders that want to see nature.