Logotip Turističnega društva Naklo

The circle's centre is dominated by the church of St. Peter, the largest cultural-artistic monument in the village. On it's right is the well with Voglar's monument which simbolizes Dr. Gregor Voglar - dr. Gregorius Carbonarius von Wisenegg, the greatest resident of Naklo who managed to rise to nobility from a mere farmer. The spinning wheel represents weaving and yarn making which was present in Naklo for about 150 years. The wooden wheel represents the horse and cart drivers which went up to Ljubelj and Korensko sedlo via the main road through Naklo. The mill wheel depicts the Puhar family which made these out of stone for about 300 years and the gravel is a depiction of Naklo lying in the Sava river-bed.
In the background we can see Storžič and it's neighbouring peaks with Udin boršt and a field under those.
In the yellow ring is a green inscription Turistično društvo (above) and Naklo (below).On the left and right sides are two stylized carnations flowers, typical for Naklo.
The logo's author is Franci Gros from Mlaka pri Kranju.